technique: pastel, tempera, on canvas put on stretcher
size: ca 36 x 47 inch - (0,9x1,2 meters)
3,800 $
(shipping incl.)
Portrait classic pose 4,800 $

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drawings no 128, 130 for sale



pastel on canvas, put on stretcher
43 x 74 inch (1,1x1,9 meters)
9,800 $
(shipping incl.)

rose pastel on dark canvas (photo montage)

commission in several colors - such as sanguine, carmine, rose, sepia, dark blue, light yellow on white or dark canvas, put on stretcher
with certificate of authenticity



to print out - on glossy paper recommended

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new: deers

- kein Bildverkauf an Wähler von AfD und Linkspartei -
- no sales to residents of Russia and China unless they are engaged in political opposition -

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